What is the pricing for Uni-Thread products?

The approximate pricing breakdown (per item) listed for each product is based on a 25-item purchase with a one colour & one-sided design:
                                    £ = £1-£10
                                    ££ = £11-£30
                                    £££ = £31-£70
                                    £££+ = £71+
For more accurate pricing, please request a quote!

How do I get an exact quote?

Submit a quote request form! You can either submit a general quote request or choose the actual products which interest you. Please reach out to info@uni-threads.co.uk with any questions!

How long will it take to hear back once I’ve submitted a quote request?

Within 24 hours after you submit your request!

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Once you receive your quote and confirm your order with one of the Uni-Threads managers. It takes approx. 2 weeks for your order to be ready for pick-up from the Bath SU on Campus!

If you need your order shipped, it will take up to an additional week. However, we can rush your order and have it arrive in as early as 1 week for an additional charge upon request.

When is the latest I can modify my order?

Through communicating with one of our managers, you will confirm style/quantity/sizes. Once we have your confirmed purchase, your order immediately goes into production and cannot be modified. Please take care to review your order before confirming. If you would like to re-order any part of your purchase, you may do so at the same price per item.

How do I obtain my order? Can I have it shipped?

In-Office Pickup:

After receiving your pick-up email, you can pick-up your order on the 2nd floor of the SU at no extra cost. Generally, a responsible member of the society will pick-up the apparel and distribute it personally (e.g. at a club meeting/event). 


We offer individual domestic & international shipping via Royal Mail. Shipping details will be communicated through your assigned Uni-Threads manager. 

Once notified your order is ready for pick-up, you have 60 days to collect it.

What is your policy on returns, exchanges, or refunds?

If your product is damaged or flawed in any way, we provide refunds and/or exchanges! Due to the fact that our products are all custom-made, we do not offer returns, exchanges, or refunds. Also please note, if you do not pick up your order 60 days after you receive notification of its arrival, your order is subject to being cleared from our inventory. Please reach out to us at info@uni-threads.co.uk if you have any specific questions or requests.