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Our Process..

We support all societies throughout design (Stage 1), supplier (Stage 2) and delivery (Stage 3).

Customised designs with expert advice and industry standard software!

Stage 1: Design

We select the most affordable production techniques from our supplier database.

Stage 2: Supplier

Typical turnaround of less than 2 weeks!

Stage 3: Delivery

Hurry Up!

Get Your Customised Stash!

A bespoke solution to your stash needs!

Our Happy Clients!

“Couldn’t have asked for better service from the team. They were always able to adapt to any design changes we had and were there to advise us on what styles to go for, logo placement and more. The easiest and most affordable way to produce hoodies for your society and they’re super comfy too!”
Chemical Engineering Student Association (CESA)
"Flexible stash customisation! Our stash was delivered well before our need-by date. Great customer service! Uni-Threads produce the best customised stash - we always use them!"
Windsurfing Club
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